This couple plant thousands of trees to extend biodiversity

I present to you Gaby and Huw's incredible project. We stayed more than 3 weeks with Neven to help this couple for their more than ambitious project, and it was captivating. 

After buying their farm, 3 years ago, this couple participating in a Local Land Services project to replant thousands of native trees along their dam, running creeks and wetland area to provide a wildlife corridor and improve the ecology of their waterways flowing into Lake Burill. 

Working for couple of weeks in this place was very instructive. You can understand more the amount of work that has to be done: choosing which trees to plant and knowing where and when you have to to plant them etc… And you also have to take care of it, at least at the beginning. When you plant 30 trees by the day for 1 week, you know that the following weeks will be mostly maintenance.

When I see what a couple can do for the planet, I tell myself that if each one of us launched such an important project, we could do so many things. Gaby and Huw are so inspiring, both in the sharing of their knowledge and in their passion and vision of life.

You can follow Gaby and Huw’s project on instagram : @rybrookfarm

If you like woofing and want to help them you can also find them on Workaway !